01 July 2015 Kickstarter
Corey Marshall back for 3!!!

Hello Everyone! Just in! Corey Marshall is now confirmed for Shenmue 3! The support for Mr. Marshall to reprise his role …

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30 June 2015 Interviews
When Shenmue Got its Name

Hello Everyone! Today we introduce Masahiro Yoshimoto, the script writer for Shenmue. He has written scripts and screenp …

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29 June 2015 Interviews
Interview with Shenmue’s Main Character Designer

Shenmue has a diverse and huge cast of characters. Hundreds of unique personalities, each with their own story, each goi …

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25 June 2015 Kickstarter
Shenmue 3 Funding and Budget Statement

There have been many questions concerning Shenmue 3’s budget and what outside sources will be added to the money c …

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24 June 2015 Kickstarter
Who’s Your Favorite Shenmue Character?

Hello Shenmue Backers! Today we have special backer only poll to see who the most popular Shenmue character is. So confi …

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