31 August 2016 Shenmue3 Progress Updates
From the Dev Room

Hello Everyone, The August development report comes straight from the Shenmue III Dev Room where we are hard at work doi …

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29 July 2016 Shenmue3 Kickstarter Interviews
Keiji Okayasu Returns for Shenmue III

Hello Everyone, Taking a look at end credits of Shenmue you may noticed this man’s name—Keiji Okayasu. He was the Game D …

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30 June 2016 Shenmue3 Progress Updates Kickstarter
First Anniversary

Hello Everyone, We are at the one year anniversary from the day you all stood up and made Shenmue III a reality. So to m …

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31 May 2016 Shenmue3 Progress Updates
May Update

Hello Everyone, This month we are happy to announce a new member to the Shenmue III team—Toshihiko Masada. Toshihiko sta …

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27 April 2016 Shenmue3 Progress Updates
April Report

Hello Everyone, Before getting into the main part of the update, we would like to respond to two issues brought up by th …

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