04 January 2016
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Thanks to Shenmue fans everywhere, 2015 saw the start of Shenmue III. 2016 will be a year with noses to …

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24 December 2015 Shenmue3 Progress Updates Kickstarter
Rewards Poll Redo, Slacker Backer Extension & Guinness WR

Season’s Greetings Everyone! Here we are, the last (and very important) announcements before the magical year that …

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04 December 2015 Shenmue3 Progress Updates Kickstarter
CHUAPPX Expo Review & PayPal Rewards Poll

Greetings Backers, There are two items on the agenda today. The first is question for you regarding the availability of …

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30 October 2015 Shenmue3 Progress Updates
Month 3 Progress Report

Greetings Everyone! Yes, we are in the third month of development of Shenmue 3. The story and scenarios are now out of t …

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17 September 2015 Shenmue3
One more chance to make history with Shenmue III!

Thanks to your support, Shenmue III became the most funded video game on Kickstarter with 69,320 people helping to bring …

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