Ryo Hazuki

Going after Lan Di his father’s killer, Ryo left Yokosuka for Hong Kong alone. From his boyhood on, he had been learning Hazuki Style Jujutsu and had no match around in Yokosuka. With strong sense of justice and good manners, he gives not an inch to the unjust. The kind of person who leaps before he looks.

Shenhua Ling

An innocent girl living in the isolated Village of Bailu, deep in the Chinese inland, Shenhua was raised in the wild of nature and has a deep knowledge of the forest and its animals. Naive and pure, but audacious and fearless in face of danger.

Nozomi Harasaki

Raised in Canada and having moved to Japan, Nozomi is a young girl who stands by Ryo and secretly has feelings towards him. Shy, but sticks to her beliefs. After graduation, she decides to go back to Canada where her parents are, fearful of Ryo’s future.


After the Phoenix Mirror and wants into the Chi You Men. A singularly peculiar character, his fighting is deceitful and slipper. An insidious snake, vindictive to the core, he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Xiuying Hong

The beautiful teacher of Man Mo Temple. Her cool eyes feel like they are looking into recesses of your heart. Well versed in Taoism and Chinese literature, she expounds her teachings at Man Mo Temple. Her other side is that of a Baijiquan master. 

Ren Wuying

The dangerous leader of the Heavens gang. His love of money goes deep, untrusting of anyone not in his circle. Quick witted and skilled at gambling. A fast talker and cunning, a true man of Aberdeen, Hong Kong.

Dou Niu

The giant boss of the Yellow Heads. Is connected to the Chi You Men and schemes to control Kowloon and Hong Kong. His bottomless pit of arrogance gives him power to match.


Don Niu’s right hand man. Carries himself and talks like the opposite sex. Extremely cleanliness prone, he compulsively cleans anything dirty, messy, or smelly. Practitioner of the Mantis Dagger Fist. When he has a knife in his hand, he is as vicious as they come.


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