Released on the Sega Dreamcast in 1999. The game reproduced the world as it actually exits, and was a landmark achievement for games and the freedom they allowed in their world. The 3D open world game was born, influencing game after game that followed. It was a masterpiece that changed the future of gaming.

Realistic character action through motion capture filming. Fully voiced down to the extras strolling the side streets. Polygon rendering for all cityscapes, characters and event scenes. Weather that changes throughout the day, and realistic time with night and day progression. Characters go about their day, guided by "daily routine" programming.
This unprecedented level of detail in world building forever changed the future of gaming, ushering in the "open world game" and all the freedom that came with it.


Chapter 1 - Yokosuka

At the out of the way Jujutsu Dojo, the Hazuki Bukan, a mysterious stranger from China steps in from the cold. Wielding an unknown form of Kung Fu, Lan Di put the killing blow to his father, and left with the Dragon Mirror. His father’s last words close to his heart, Ryo sets on off on a journey of revenge.


Chapter 2 - Hong Kong

In search of Lan Di, his father's killer, Ryo makes his way to Hong Kong. In an unfamiliar land, there are many hellos and many farewells. To Bailu Village leads the killer’s trail. There, a chance meeting with a young girl, changes his destiny forever.



1986, Yokosuka
In the suburbs of Yokosuka, the Hazuki Bukan Jujutsu Dojo is visited by some mysterious men. The master of the dojo, Iwao Hazuki, confronts the man in the deep green Chinese long gown, but is vastly overpowered and falls. His son tries to help, but is easily brushed aside. Held captive, Ryo was questioned by the mysterious man.

"Where is the mirror?" The man pressed. With nothing else he could do, Iwao tells of the mirror’s whereabouts.

The mysterious man, now in possession of the bronze mirror inscribed with a dragon, turns to Iwao and says, "You remember Zhao Sunming? You killed him!" And with that, the man delivers Iwao the killing blow.

The man turns to leave with the bronze mirror, and is called by his underling, "Lan Di." On his back is embroidered a dragon, flashing wickedly.

“Keep friends, those you love, close to you.”

With Iwao’s last words his heart, Ryo sets off on a long journey, swearing to avenge his father.


In search of clues that will lead him to his father’s killer, the mysterious Lan Di, Ryo Hazuki leaves Yokosuka for Hong Kong. With the help of new friends, he finds his way to Xiuying Hong, but she will not divulge what Ryo has come looking for. Ryo finds out a man named Yuanda Zhu has information on the bronze mirror and Lan Di, and is hiding out in Kowloon.

Making his way into Kowloon with ally, Ryo makes his way to Yuanda Zhu through the underside of Hong Kong, ruled by Chinese mafia. Ryo gets the information he needs from Yuanda Zhu, but loses him to Lan Di.
To go after Lan Di, Ryo must head to Bailu Village in Guilin. Once there, he meets a young girl who will forever change his destiny.

Can any trace of the man who killed his father be found?

What mystery do the twin mirrors hold?

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