24 December 2015 Kickstarter Progress Updates Shenmue3
Rewards Poll Redo, Slacker Backer Extension & Guinness WR

Season’s Greetings Everyone!

Here we are, the last (and very important) announcements before the magical year that was 2015 comes to a close!

Reward Poll Redo

In the last update we added a link for a Twitter poll asking if Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards should be made available on the Slacker Backer PayPal page. There were many who were against the use of using Twitter for the poll as many do not have a Twitter account. The poll also should be made available only to Kickstarter Backers. True and true. So we will try this one more time so that all Backers at the appropriate pledge level may participate.

The poll can be accessed in the update immediately following this one. We apologize for the mistake and kindly ask for your feedback and participation.

PayPal Period Extension

So why bother with this when there are only a few days left on the Slacker Backer campaign? That is because the deadline has been extended! Many of you have asked for an extension, and we have been late in coming with promised add-on/up-grades system, so the Slacker Backer PayPal page will stay up and running to accept pledges. All contributions made will continue to go to the game’s development.

Guinness World Record Presentation

It is official now, Shenmue III is in the Guinness World Records. The good people from Guinness World Records paid Ys Net and Mr. Suzuki a visit a few days ago to hold an impromptu ceremony and present the certificates for “The most money pledged for a Kickstarter videogame” at $6,333,296, and for “The fastest $1 million pledged for a crowdfunded videogame” at 1 hour 44 minutes.

This miracle is all thanks to you, so be proud and say it loud, “Hey, I did that!”

Guinness Record720.jpg

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