21 December 2017
Then, Now and Tomorrow

On June 16th, 2015 this project began on Kickstarter.
It has been two and a half years, but at the top of 2016 we
were able to bring our team together to begin
development in earnest, so it has been about two years
now since things have really started moving.

For the development team that time has flown by,
although with the many comments and questions we
have received from you, the time may have felt more
drawn out for some backers.

Next year is a very important year for Shenmue, so with that,
we would like to bring you a conversation with
Yu Suzuki and Hiroaki Takeuchi on how far we have come
and where we are going from here.

About Hiroaki Takeuchi
As an animation producer, he has contributed to an abundance of
works that have helped bridge Japan with the rest of the world. His
exemplary works include “The Animatrix”, “Tekkon Kinkreet” and
“Berserk”. He acts as the CG animation producer for the Shenmue
series. For more information on Hiroaki Takeuchi and his work, we
invite you to his website. (

Thank you for all of your support here on the updates and
at the events throughout the year!

Have a wonderful holiday season and New Year!

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